$3.00 per regular; $12 per dozen minis

Stout Chocolate

A dense chocolate cupcake made with a stout beer topped with whipped cream cheese frosting






Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

A chocolate cupcake topped with a peanut butter buttercream and garnished with a mini peanut butter cup




XRS_5006-058 copy.tif.jpg


Mint Chocolate Chip

A chocolate-chunked devil's food cupcake with chocolate chunked mint buttercream frosting





Carrot Cake

A delightfully moist carrot cupcake topped with our light cream cheese frosting




lemon lemon_1 (3).jpg


Lemon Tanger

A crisp lemon cupcake topped with a fresh lemon buttercream





Strawberry Bliss

A moist, light, and fresh strawberry cupcake topped with a sweet-and-tangy strawberry cream cheese frosting





Strawberry-Covered Chocolate

Our signature chocolate cake topped with a fresh, light and fluffy strawberry buttercream





Pancakes & Bacon

A bacon-infused yellow cake topped with a creamy maple buttercream and garnished with brown sugar candied bacon

pearcheddarchardonnay square.jpg

Night in Napa

Enjoy the sophisticated pairing of pear and cheddar cake with fresh taste of chardonnay buttercream. Notes of Napa and freshness, with a strong finish of relaxation.